How would you react?

You will probably hear this from many sources, meaning it is most probably to be true, and that is the fact that difficult moments make you stronger as long as you act not react to them and get to learn something at the end.

Well, as cool and smart as that might sound, it sucks when it comes down to reality. Let’s be honest, no one likes having issues or being put in an awkward or stressful situation. Unfortunately from time to time we end up facing this kind of situations and unless you prepare for them you just might risk being incapable of fighting the torrent of emotions, and that shouldn’t happen.

Now the reason I am talking about this is because today I experienced a very interesting, yet uncomfortable situation. While talking to the manager and a couple of other team members at the company I am currently a consultant for, going through the reasons of why I don’t see myself continuing as an employee for them thus not accepting their job offer, I saw myself pushed around and verbally bullied.

I will not explicitly name the company as it might effect their image and this is not my purpose, even if honestly they would deserve it,  but I was thinking about the contrast between all the things I am currently reading and studying about leadership in great teams and companies and the stuff that happens in others.

I am very proud of myself for being capable of not loosing my nerve and discussing on the subject in matter in a peaceful manner even if I saw the temper of the person sitting in front of me. Seems like all the things I have read, studied and practiced are starting to pay off. So besides being a bit muscle tensed and mouth dried because of all the talk I had done, I was OK.

Knowing my temper about two years ago, I can only imagine that I would have probably reacted in a less peaceful manner if somebody tried to “push me around”. You can consider it whatever you like, but there are two words that popped up in my mind after the meeting: consciousness and self-control.

I basically realized what was happening and didn’t allow myself to loose control.

Would I had been able to do this “20 books ago”; surely not. So what changed, if I may ask.

Well, here is a list I thing someone might find useful:

  1. I have different role models now
  2. I am more conscious about what I feel and thus am able to control my feelings
  3. I pay much more attention to how people are reacting when they interact with me
  4. I promised myself some time ago, to try to keep calm no matter what (unfortunately doesn’t work YET 100% of the time, but still)
  5. I have learned how great it is to feel the satisfaction of being in control of the situation rather than being push around by it.

Probably this is nothing comparing to what other people are going through right now, but there is definitely a lesson here and I wanted to share it with you.

Have a great evening.

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