Get these laws deep down in your system

This book represents more than just a simple lecture for me. It is tied to my enrollment in a very powerful, enthusiastic and supportive team called John Maxwell Team.

I started reading it as it was part of the learning process we are undertaking as members of the team, but it has quickly become much more than that.

I realized that the principles described in it are the fundamentals of the lives of each and every great leader you can find in the world. It basically explains and offers examples on how applying certain rules in your life can have a much greater impact than you could realize and not only on your life but also on those of the people that constitute your inner circle, your circle of influence: your family, friends, employees, bosses, etc.

Personally am committed to re-reading it several times as I have understood the importance of living by these laws and the need of getting them so deep in my system that they become the guide of my life.

I recommend that you don’t only read this book, but that you study it. If possible join a mastermind group on the subject of this book. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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