Does your life plan look similar to this? It better do.

This nice story talks about a subject and principle that many of us have heard about and still so few  apply in their lives. Very easy to read.Went over it during two reading sessions.

It’s basically another eye opener, trying to emphasize on the importance of creating “pipelines” of passive income and business ownership that is the only way to reach financial independence.

Have to admit that I am still intrigued by the fact the a lot of the people I know, are not aware of the false security that a job offers you and that the lack of a long term plan will get you hoping you had done, put aside or invested more during your career.

Am currently leaving in Paris, where job security is somewhat guaranteed, as employees are protected by several social laws prohibiting companies to fire at will, yet still most people are basically “strangling” themselves with life long bank loans to buy expensive apartments.

Try reading it if you have no idea what I am taking about. You might just learn something.


Burke Hedges – The parable of the pipeline

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