Bad habits unsuccessful people have

People really like reading articles about what successful and unsuccessful people do so I decided to contribute to this “type of literature”.

But how can we classify people in: successful and unsuccessful. What are the criteria used to do this?

I would simply say that comparing your daily routine and habits would be a good way to start. This type of comparison usually gets people a bit angry, especially when they find themselves checking more things from the list of things unsuccessful people do. I would instead recommend asking yourself, how could you improve this, rather than closing the page and assuming it’s a crappy article.

Now we have to understand that every person in the successful group was once on the other side so there is hope for everyone. No one was born perfect but we owe it to ourselves to become more. How my mentors like to say: try GROWING through life, not GOING through life.

Before getting into the list of bad habits, let me just say that I was also once on “the other side” and the way I started unchecking the list was by creating “rituals” which are another way of saying habit, but more used in coaching. And in case you are interested in having a coaching session, I remind you that I am currently offering a FREE coaching session.


They either have the habit of letting things pass by and small talking about any possible opportunity, either leaving issues unresolved hoping they will just go away. Instead they find themselves having even bigger issues.

2….Self pity

I sometimes find myself talking to people who in a way or another pity themselves and are cry-babies. Nothing is going well, the don’t have enough money, no one things of them, they have no friends, and many others. Not only do I not encourage them but most often look at them with a straight face not encouraging them to continue. As you probably know by now, or should know by know: we have more of what we talk about. Talking about issues will only tell your brain to search for even more issues and so on. You get the point.


Probably the were there is. Not only do they not learn from their mistakes or try harder, but they prefer discrediting other people for their success or even blaming them for their failures. This kind of behavior and associated feelings rarely leads to anything good.

4….Loosing time

A lot of us are very very good at doing this. Even without knowing we find ourselves spending 45 minutes on Facebook when we only wanted to read one article. Internet it’s like “The RING”. The more you play with it the more you want and need it. Try switching the mouse and keyboard with a book from time to time. Switching 50% of the time you spend online to reading could just transform your life

5….Finding excuse

This one is by far their favorite. Will all know that if you really want to do something you find a way and if not you will surely find an excuse. Well, we got damn good at the second part, unfortunately. Whenever there is something to do, we find a way around to avoid getting our hands dirty. The problem is that it created addiction which can transform in a lifestyle, a purely lifestyle. If you know you are doing this, do something to change this, NOW.
There would be a lot more things to enumerate but I found two interesting articles which you can read if interested:

10 things unsuccessful people never stop doing

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Hopefully this article got you at least thinking, and maybe, just maybe you will try to IMPROVE.

Remember, it’s better to GROW through life than GO through life.


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  1. Aw, this was a really nice post. In idea I would like to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to make a very good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means seem to get something done.

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